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Table 4 Inter-population FST statistic for pvron4

From: Size polymorphism and low sequence diversity in the locus encoding the Plasmodium vivax rhoptry neck protein 4 (PvRON4) in Colombian isolates

FST Pacific coast Urabá/lower Cauca/southern Córdoba Orinoquia-Amazonia
Pacific coast   0.44043 0.31836
Urabá/lower Cauca/southern Córdoba −0.00581   0.01465
Orinoquia-Amazonia 0.00542 0.08128  
  1. FST was calculated for parasite populations in three Colombian regions. Values close to 0 indicate low genetic differentiation while values close to 1 indicate high genetic differentiation. Values below the diagonal indicate the FST value and those above the diagonal represent the p values. Values in italics indicate significant differences having p < 0.02