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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria for review

From: Community engagement and population coverage in mass anti-malarial administrations: a systematic literature review

Inclusion criteria to assess eligibility for review:
 1. All randomized and non-randomized studies of mass administration of anti-malarials, including cluster-randomized trials, non-randomized controlled studies and uncontrolled before-and-after studies that measured at least one outcome of interest in the target population
 2. Additional: inclusion of secondary papers related to MDA
Exclusion criteria to assess eligibility for review:
 1. Individually randomized studies
 2. Studies in which the primary focus was not MDA (e.g. historical program reviews that merely made mention of MDA activities, community surveys done in conjunction with MDA)
 3. Studies using an indirect approach to MDA, where anti-malarials are added to essential foodstuffs, usually dietary salt
 4. Historical accounts of mass quinine distribution in the early 20th century
 5. Studies targeting short-term residents of malaria endemic areas (e.g. military, laborers)
 6. Studies written in languages other than English
 7. All intermittent preventive treatment (IPT) studies (e.g. delivering treatment to infants and young children, treating malaria-related febrile illness, home based treatments and comparison of delivery methods; factors that would greatly bias the choice of participation)