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Table 3 Studies documenting community engagement activities only (n = 12, in chronological order)

From: Community engagement and population coverage in mass anti-malarial administrations: a systematic literature review

Author, year and country Epidemiology (baseline parasitemia) Study type Anti-malarial Additional interventions
Butler 1943, South Pacific [36] 12–16% Before and after
Study was largely a review of the Us Navy’s malaria control program implemented on an unspecified occupied island in the South Pacific. Natives of 2 villages were recruited into the study
Mepacrine NR
Berberian 1948a, Lebanon [26] NR Non-RCT
All persons aged above 6 months of Saideh village
Chloroquine NR
Chaudhuri 1950a, India [83] 50% Non-RCT
Only children were participants in the study
Proguanil NR
Edeson 1957, Malaysia [84] 29% Non-RCT
All ages except infants. Inhabitants of rural rice growing area of Negri Sembilan state
Proguanil NR
Gabaldon 1959, Venezuela [39] 0.24% Before and after
Population of eastern and western Venezuela. All persons aged >1 month
Pyrimethamine IRS with DDT
Clyde 1961a, Tanzania [32] Morbidity rate: 76.1%
Parasitemia in european children: 11.5%
Before and after
Europeans living in Tanga
Quinine Bed nets
Charles 1962, Ghana [33] 55.3% Before and after
All aged residents of Akrofu villages
Pyrimethamine NR
Sehgal 1968, India [37] 1.8% Before and after
All individuals except the very sick, old and the pregnant women
NR Irs with ddt
Omer 1978, Sudan [85] 40.5% Non-RCT
All residents of 4 villages in Gezira ecological area of Northern Sudan
Chloroquine NR
Maccormack 1983, Tanzania [47] NR Non-RCT
The age range of the participants was 0–15 years
Chloroquine NR
Dapeng 1996, China [38] 0.8/1000 population/month in 1984 Before and after
All residents within high incidence areas in 4 counties in Xinyang prefecture
Chloroquine + primaquine Irs with ddt, itns
Song 2010, Cambodia [43] 2–50% Before and after
All residents above 1 year from 17 villages with parasite rates 20% or higher in Kampong Speu Province
Artemisinin + piperaquine + primaquine NR