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Table 1 Background data of study participants

From: Plasmodium falciparum genotype and gametocyte prevalence in children with uncomplicated malaria in coastal Ghana

Parameter Values
Age range (months) 4–156
Geometric mean age (months) 52.18
D0 parasite prevalence by microscopya 72/96
D0 parasitaemia range (per µl of blood)a 400–648,080
Geometric mean D0 parasitaemia (per µl of blood)a 20,319
D7 parasite prevalence by microscopya 1/96
D0 gametocyte prevalence by microscopy 3/96
D7 gametocyte prevalence by microscopy 2/96
D0 parasite prevalence by PCR 96/96
D7 parasite prevalence by PCR 3/96
Normal 100/105
Deficientb 5/105
  1. aAsexual parasite prevalence
  2. bG6PD Deficient: A376G plus one or more (G202A, G680T or T968C) mutation. Only 105 out of 112 could be genotyped