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Table 3 Prevalence of clonal parasite infections in the samples

From: Plasmodium falciparum genotype and gametocyte prevalence in children with uncomplicated malaria in coastal Ghana

Parameter RO33 MAD20 K1 3D7 FC27 Clonala
msp1 (88) 13 7 9    29
msp2 (94)     15 18 33
msp1 + msp2 (86) 4 5 3 7 5 12
  1. aParasite population within a sample as determined by MSP1 and MSP2 family specific PCR. Two samples which failed msp2 genotyping PCR yielded products in msp1 genotyping and as such there were 86 samples common to both genotyping procedures. The numbers in brackets represents the total number of samples in group