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Table 1 Variables and parameter descriptions

From: Incidence and admission rates for severe malaria and their impact on mortality in Africa

Name Description
U Incidence rate of uncomplicated clinical malaria (per 100,000 person per year)
S Incidence rate of severe clinical malaria (per 100,000 person per year)
C Incidence rate of total clinical malaria (C = U + S)
(per 100,000 person per year)
D Incidence rate of malaria mortalitya (per 100,000 person per year)
μ Proportion of severe cases treated as in-patients (−)
r Ratio of severe to total clinical cases for in-patients (−)
Case fatality rate (−)
Estimated public health impact (as malaria mortality) averted with maximal improvement to admittance of severe disease patient (μ = 1) (per 100,000 person per year)
\(\rho\) The overall ratio of the number of deaths per year in WMR
(\(\hat{D}_{t}\)) [allowing for the national population (N)],
to that predicted by OpenMalaria (\(\bar{D}_{{t,\mu ,\bar{\varphi }_{1} }}\))
h Indicates in-patient event
c Indicates event in community
t Indicates total events
PB Indicates prediction-biased estimate
DA Indicates deaths-adjusted estimate
\(\mu_{0}\) Indicates estimate used in OpenMalaria analysis for the proportion of severe cases treated as in-patients (usually \(\mu_{0}\) = 0.48)
\(\overline{\varphi }_{x}\) Indicates estimate calculated with the odds ratio of value \(\overline{\varphi }_{x}\)
\(\bar{}\) Indicates estimation from OpenMalaria simulations
\(\hat{}\) Indicates estimation from WMR
  1. aThe mortality rates from WMR are compared to the direct mortality from OpenMalaria, the additional indirect mortality due to co-morbidities is not considered