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Fig. 3

From: Sequence conservation of Plasmodium vivax glutamate dehydrogenase among Korean isolates and its application in seroepidemiology

Fig. 3

a Phylogenetic relationships among parasite glutamate dehydrogenases of several species of Plasmodium and b percent identity. The deduced amino acid sequence of the type strain of Korean P. vivax isolates (Pvk, Bucheon strain, GenBank accession No. KJ726751) was aligned with sequences from other Plasmodium species. Computer analysis was performed using the multiple sequences alignment tool of MegAlign. All amino acid sequences were obtained from GenBank using BLAST ( Pb, P. berghei strain ANKA (XM_673901.1); Pc1, P. cynomologi strain B (PCYB_132800, XM_004224305.1); Pc2, P. cynomolgi strain B (PCYB_134020, XM_004224427.1); Pch, P. chabaudi chabaudi (XM_738585.1); Pf1, P. falciparum (AF269241.1); Pf2, P. falciparum strain FCC1/HN (AY040586.1); Pk1, P. knowlesi strain H (PKH_131960, XM_002260680.1); Pk2, P. knowlesi strain H (PKH_131950, XM_002260679.1); Pv Sal-1, P. vivax strain Sal-1 (XM_001616617.1); Py, P. yoelii yoelii strain 17XNL (XM_719434.1)

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