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Fig. 3

From: The effect of small solar powered ‘Bͻkͻͻ’ net fans on mosquito net use: results from a randomized controlled cross-over trial in southern Ghana

Fig. 3

Fortnightly results in per protocol analysis. a Shows the proportion of people that used bed nets (irrespective of access) per fortnight, with Group 1 in red, Group 2 in green, and Group 3 in blue. Vertical lines show 95% Clopper-Pearson exact confidence intervals. The cyan vertical dashed line demarcates the start of the intervention, and the magenta dashed line demarcates the cross-over of interventions between Groups 1 and 2. b Shows the average nightly density of female mosquitoes (black) and female sand flies (magenta), per fortnight. Vertical lines show 95% exact Poisson confidence intervals. c Shows the average 9 p.m. relative humidity per fortnight. d Shows the average 9 p.m. temperature in degrees Celsius in red and humidex (unit less) in orange per fortnight

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