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Table 1 Overview of newly defined TPPs and TCPs

From: New developments in anti-malarial target candidate and product profiles

Profile Intended use
TPP-1 Case management; treatment of acute uncomplicated malaria in children or adults. Uses a combination of two or more molecules with TCP-1 activity, plus TCP-5 for reducing transmission and TCP-3 for relapse prevention, when such molecules become available
For severe malaria, a parenteral formulation of a single fast-acting TCP-1 would be appropriate
TPP-2 Chemoprotection: given to subjects migrating into areas of high endemicity, or during epidemics. Uses a combination of TCP-4 activity, potentially with TCP-1 support for emerging infections
TCP-1 Molecules that clear asexual blood-stage parasitemia
TCP-2 (profile retired, see body of text)
TCP-3 Molecules with activity against hypnozoites (mainly P. vivax)
TCP-4 Molecules with activity against hepatic schizonts
TCP-5 Molecules that block transmission (targeting parasite gametocytes)
TCP-6 Molecules that block transmission by targeting the insect vector (endectocides)