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Table 2 Egg collection increase by in-tube forced oviposition

From: Efficient method for establishing F1 progeny from wild populations of Anopheles mosquitoes

Species Mean egg number per female Increase % in egg yield
In-tube forced oviposition In-cage free oviposition
An. coustani 41.18 9.78 321
An. funestus 52.82 7.58 597
An. mascarensis 41.17 5.19 693
An.arabiensis 27.48 8.23 234
An. squamosus 23.35 3.00 678
  1. The mean egg number takes into account all females put in tubes or in cages from a single field collection as plotted in Fig. 7. Increase % in egg yield was calculated as follows: 100 × (mean number in tube-mean number in cage)/mean number in cage