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Table 4 Discordant analysis for microscopy, RDT, LAMP and nPCR for malaria diagnosis in malaria suspected pregnant women

From: Performance of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for the diagnosis of malaria among malaria suspected pregnant women in Northwest Ethiopia

Results Diagnostic tools
RDT, Microscopy and nPCR (−),
LAMP (+)
RDT, Microscopy and LAMP (+),
nPCR (−)
RDT and Microscopy (−), LAMP and
nPCR (+)
nPCR, LAMP and Microscopy (+),
RDT (−)
LAMP and Microscopy
(−), RDT (+)
Negative by four methods
Pf 2 1 1 1 1  
Pv (pan) 3      
Pf, Pv (pan)       
Negatives       71
  1. Pan all species of malaria except P. falciparum (LAMP and RDT readouts do not discriminate between non-falciparum species)
  2. + Indicates positive results, indicates negative results, Pf P. falciparum, Pv P. vivax