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Table 5 Artemisinin combination therapy (artemether-lumefantrine or artesunate-amodiaquine) dispensing, dosing and patient knowledge for uncomplicated malaria patients

From: Health worker adherence to malaria treatment guidelines at outpatient health facilities in southern Malawi following implementation of universal access to diagnostic testing

  n/N Weighted percent (95% CI)
1. ACT dispensing and dosing
Total number of uncomplicated (confirmed and presumed) malaria patients 725/2342 33.0 (27.2, 38.8)
 Received an ACT (AL or ASAQ)a 609/725 84.9 (77.2, 92.5)
  ACT dispensed 534/609 88.9 (80.1, 97.7)
  ACT correctly dosed when dispensedb 505/534 94.9 (92.7, 97.2)
Type of ACT dispensed
 AL dispensed 517/534 97.2 (93.3, 100.0)
  AL correctly dosed when dispensed 490/534 92.5 (88.2, 96.8)
 ASAQ dispensed 17/534 2.8 (0.0, 6.7)
  ASAQ correctly dosed when dispensedc 16/17 93.6 (3.7, 100.0)
HWs provided patients with the following ACT counselling information
 First dose of ACT given at HF 72/534 16.8 (3.2, 30.3)
 HW explained how to take ACT at home 495/534 91.8 (88.7, 94.8)
 HW advised what to do in case of vomiting within 30 min of taking ACT 36/534 7.5 (4.8, 10.1)
HW instructed to complete all doses of ACT even if he/she feels better 316/534 60.9 (52.7, 69.1)
 HW instructed to take AL with food, milk or milk containing drinkd 141/517 27.9 (20.2, 35.7)
2. Patient ACT dosing knowledge
Correct knowledge regarding all aspects of ACT dosinge 404/534 78.1 (72.3, 83.8)
Knows correct amount of ACT (tablet or syrup) to take per dose 460/534 85.9 (81.3, 90.6)
Knows total number of days to complete ACT dose 473/534 90.6 (86.8, 94.3)
Knows correct number of AL doses to take per day 474/534 89.5 (86.0, 93.0)
  1. a1 confirmed malaria patient had both AL and ASAQ dispensed; AL was the only ACT dispensed to presumed malaria patients
  2. bASAQ dosing information was coded as correct for patients who received the correct strength or number of ASAQ tablets and for those with missing dosing information
  3. c1 patient (a 5 years old child weighing 14 kg) received lower than recommended strength formulation for ASAQ
  4. dOnly pertains to patients who were dispensed AL. Patients with ASAQ were not asked this question
  5. eAspects of AL dosing were evaluated when the drug was dispensed and included patient knowledge of correct: number of AL tablets to take at each dose, number of AL doses to take per day and number of days to complete the AL dose. Aspects of correct ASAQ dosing included patient knowledge of correct number of ASAQ tablets to each for each dose and the total number of days to complete the entire ASAQ dose