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Table 1 Stratification of malaria counties in relation to malaria transmission risk by NMEAP in China and Shandong Province

From: Malaria control and prevention towards elimination: data from an eleven-year surveillance in Shandong Province, China

Type of county Classification No. (China/Shandonga) Target (10,000) (China/Shandonga)
Type I Local infections are detected in 3 consecutive years and the incident rate equals or higher than 1/10,000 75/0 3965/0
Type II Local infections are detected in 3 consecutive years, and the incident rate is lower than 1/10,000 at least in one of those 3 years 687/58 44,792/4279
Type III No local infections reported in 3 years 1432/79 62,281/4808
Type IV Non-malaria-epidemic-area 664/0 18,882/0
  1. aThis indicated that the number of counties and target population in China and Shandong, respectively