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Table 5 Characteristics of higher level referral facilities where children were referred

From: Referral of children seeking care at private health facilities in Uganda

Characteristics N = 53
Level of facility where children were referred
Hospital 2 (3.9)
HC IV 5 (9.6)
HC III 16 (30.8)
HC II 29 (55.8)
Training in case management of childhood illnesses
Malaria management 34 (64.2)
Pneumonia 11 (20.8)
Diarrhoea 16 (30.8)
Availability of treatment guidelines
Malaria 38 (71.7)
IMCI 35 (66.0)
Average number of children sick seen in the last 1 week (mean, range) 3 (2–5)
Average number of children sick referred in the last 1 week (mean, range) 3 (1–7)
Knowledge that Coartem (ACT) is the first-line anti-malarial drug for uncomplicated malaria among children 49 (92.5)
Knowledge that Amoxicillin is the first-line treatment for pneumonia in children 26 (49.1)
Knowledge that ORS and Zinc are the first-line treatment for diarrhoea in children 50 (94.3)
Knowledge that convulsions, high temperature, vomiting and unconsciousness are severe symptoms/signs for malaria 43 (81.1)
Knowledge that rapid breathing, difficulty in breathing, cough, chest in-drawing are severe symptoms/signs for pneumonia 49 (92.5)
Knowledge that dehydration (dry lips, elastic skin, dry skin); sunken eyes, watery stools and general body weakness are severe symptoms/signs for diarrhoea 48 (90.6)