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Table 3 Existence of frameshift mutations in the surf 4.1 region encoding the cytoplasmic region in the western Kenyan and Thai Plasmodium falciparum isolates

From: Selections, frameshift mutations, and copy number variation detected on the surf 4.1 gene in the western Kenyan Plasmodium falciparum population

  Frameshift (nucleotide positionsa) Number (%) of parasite line/cloneb
2498–2503 3894–3903 4529–4536 Western Kenya Thai
Pattern 1 Yes Yes No 8 (35) 17 (47)
Pattern 2 Yes No No 14 (61) 5 (14)
Pattern 3 No Yes No 0 (0) 1 (3)
Pattern 4 No No No 1 (4) 13 (36)
Total     23 (100) 36 (100)
3D7c Yes Yes No     
FCR3c No No Yes     
ITd No No No     
PrCDCd No No No     
  1. a Nucleotide positions are after 3D7 line sequence
  2. b Pattern 1 contains KK14-92-B7, KN14-098-D1, KT14-111-H2, KU14-044-D2, KU14-050-B3, KU14-071-D4, KU14-226-G5, KU14-257-A7, MS804, MS807-H3, MS836, MS808, MS812, MS828, MS827, MS838, MS830, MS814-F1, MS814-H1, MS815-A2, MS818-C2, MS833-B4, MS840, MS841, and MS829-B5; pattern 2 contains KK14-02-B9, KK14-53-F6, KN14-076-B6, KT14-158-G3, KU14-042-D12, KU14-061-B1, KU14-062-A8, KU14-110-C4, KU14-119-D4, KU14-127-B12, KU14-170-A10, KU14-175-D6, KU14-211-D1, KU14-217-B5, MS811, MS813, MS835A1, MS844-A4, and MS947; pattern 3 contains MS843; and pattern 4 contains KU14-086-B3, MS805, MS806, MS809, MS810, MS816, MS817, MS819-A3, MS822-G8, MS825, MS837, MS842, MS946, and MS948
  3. c GenBank accession numbers for 3D7 and FCR3 lines are AL844503 and AB759920, respectively
  4. d PFIT_0400900 and PRCDC_0005300 from GeneDB, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK (both are 2015-06-18 version)