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Table 3 Location of exoerythrocytic stages in different avian haemoproteids

From: Exo-erythrocytic development of avian malaria and related haemosporidian parasites

Location of tissue meronts Parasite subgenus and species
Haemoproteus Parahaemoproteus
Lungs H. columbae, H. palumbis H. attenuatus, H. balearicae, H. coatneyi, H. nettionis, H. orizivorae, H. passeris, H. picae, H. sacharovi
Spleen H. columbae H. attenuatus, H. coatneyi, H. lophortyx, H. mansoni, H. nettionis, H. picae
Heart H. columbae, H. palumbis H. coatneyi, H. handai, H. mansoni, H. minutus, H. nettionis
Liver H. columbae H. coatneyi, H. passeris, H. picae
Skeletal muscles (particularly often in pectoral muscle) H. columbae H. halcionis, H. handai, H. mansoni, H. lophortyx
Kidneys H. columbae H. coatneyi, H. passeris
Proventiculus H. columbae H. handai
Gizzard H. columbae H. sacharovi
Caecum a H. coatneyi
Tongue H. handai
Hip H. handai
  1. References for a given parasite species are the same as in Fig. 2. Only parasites, which species identification was supported by morphological or molecular identifications were included in this table. Reports of unidentified parasites or the parasites of undetermined or questionable taxonomic status were not included
  2. aExoerythrocytic stages were not seen