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Table 2 Model parameter definitions, values and sources

From: Combining indoor and outdoor methods for controlling malaria vectors: an ecological model of endectocide-treated livestock and insecticidal bed nets

  Definition Value [cited literature]
b H Transmission coefficient (vectors → hosts) = bite rate (day−1) × transmission probability 0.1 = 1/3 × 0.3 [47]
b V Transmission coefficient (hosts → vectors) = bite rate (day−1) × transmission probability 0.007 = 1/3 × 0.02 [48]
m Ratio of vectors to humans Varied in simulations; values in figure legends
ε Clearance rate of symptomatic infection (day−1) 1/200 [49]
κ Clearance rate of asymptomatic infection (day−1) 1/200 [49]
θ Level of reduced susceptibility to secondary infection 0.5 (assumed)
τ Full susceptibility reversion rate (day−1) 1/1000 [50]
μ H Birth and death rate of humans (day−1) (i.e., stable population) 1/21,900 (assumed)
μ V Birth (or maturation) and death rate of vectors (day−1) (i.e., stable population) 1/10 [51]
σ Adjustment factor for asymptomatic transmissibility to vector 0.25 [52]
ζ Rate of parasite development within vector (day−1) 1/10 [53]