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Table 2 Summary of the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of the molecular markers

From: Molecular surveillance of artemisinin resistance falciparum malaria among migrant goldmine workers in Myanmar

Target genes SNPs Codon position Amino acid (nucleotide) sequence No. of isolates/total no. of cases
Reference Mutant
k13 C580Y 580 C (TGT) Y (TAT) 9/100
P574L 574 P (CCT) L (CTT) 5/100
P667T 667 P (CCA) T (ACA) 5/100
M476I 476 M (ATG) I (ATA) 2/100
pfarps10 V127M 127 V (GTG) M (ATG) 41/100
pffd D153Y 153 D (GAC) Y (TAC) 64/100
pfmdr2 T484I 484 T (ACA) I (ATA) 58/100
pfmrp1 F1390I 1390 F (TTT) I (ATT) 24/100
pfcnbp S1188L 1188 S (TCG) L (TTG) 17/100
pfrad5 N1131I 1131 N (AAT) I (ATT) 7/100
S1158A 1158 S (TCA) A (GCA) 46/100
  1. All of the non-synonymous mutations are listed and the changes of nucleotide from reference sequences (3D7) are shown in bold