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Table 2 G6PD genotypes and markers identified in this study

From: Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of G6PD deficiency in Bengali adults with severe and uncomplicated malaria

Mutation Variant Location Ancestral allele Derived allele Amino acid effect Enzyme activity
c.131C>G Orissa Exon 3 C G A44G ~10% normal activity [37]
c.487G>A Mahidol Exon 6 G A G163S <10% normal activity [38]
c.949G>A Kerala-Kalyan Exon 9 G A E317K ~20% normal activity [37]
c.690C>T Unknown Exon 7 C T I230I Normal
c.1311C>T Exon11 C T Y437Y Normal
IVSXI 93C>T Intron 11 C T Non-coding Presumed normal