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Fig. 2

From: Global survey of malaria rapid diagnostic test (RDT) sales, procurement and lot verification practices: assessing the use of the WHO–FIND Malaria RDT Evaluation Programme (2011–2014)

Fig. 2

Annual compliance of NMCP/MoHs with the WHO criteria for RDT procurement, per region (2011–14). Number of countries in each WHO region and compliance category, per year. Country performance was graded as ‘high-compliers’ (all procured products complied with recommendations), ‘medium-compliers’ (some products complied but others did not, or were not tested) and ‘low-compliers’ (all products did not comply or were not evaluated by the PT programme). NMCP/MoH National Malaria Control Programme/Ministry of Health, AFRO WHO Regional Office for Africa, AMRO WHO Regional Office for the Americas, EURO WHO Regional Office for Europe, EMRO WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, SEARO WHO Regional Office for Southeast Asia, WPRO WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific

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