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Table 1 Key components of the laboratory quality assurance programme

From: Evaluation of a laboratory quality assurance pilot programme for malaria diagnostics in low-transmission areas of Kenya, 2013

Component Example
Personnel training and competencies Microscopy/malaria RDT trainings, proficiency testing
Essential laboratory equipment and utilities Functional microscopes, electricity, water
Essential laboratory consumables and supplies Slides, stain, gloves
Reference materials National laboratory guidelines, bench and job aides
Internal QA/QC practices SOP for equipment calibration, slide cross-checking
External QA/QC programmes Stepwise Laboratory Improvement Process Towards Accreditation (SLIPTA)
Standard operating procedures Specimen collection, slide preparation
Safety practices Personal protective equipment use, waste disposal
  1. RDT rapid diagnostic test, QA/QC quality assurance/quality control, SOP standard operating procedure