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Table 1 Net attributes and preference variables included in DHS and MIS

From: Effect of user preferences on ITN use: a review of literature and data

  Net shape Net colour Net size Preferred shape Preferred colour Preferred size
Burkina Faso 2014 x      
Gambia 2013 x      
Malawi 2010 x x   x x  
Malawi 2012 x x   x* x*  
Malawi 2014 x x   x x  
Mali 2015 x      
Nigeria 2015 x      
Rwanda 2010 x      
Rwanda 2013 x     x  
Rwanda 2014 x      
Senegal 2008 x x Width    
Senegal 2010 x   Width    
Guinea 2012     x   
Kenya 2015     x x  
Swaziland 2006**      x  
Madagascar 2013     x x Height
  1. * In Malawi 2012, preferred shape and colour were only asked in households that did not own any ITNs
  2. ** In Swaziland 2006, preferred colour was asked only of households who reported they would like an additional ITN