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Table 2 Reasons for preferring net attributes from qualitative data

From: Effect of user preferences on ITN use: a review of literature and data

Attribute Perceived benefits
Rectangular Fit more sleepers (Ng’ang’a [27], Kenya)
Fits rectangular beds/sleeping areas (Sande [29], Zimbabwe; Beer [39], Zanzibar)
Reduces body contact with the net (Sande [29], Zimbabwe)
Easy to hang (Aleme [31], Ethiopia)
Conical Easier to hang (Baume [12], Ethiopia; Banek [28], Liberia; Sande [29], Zimbabwe; Gobena [41], Ethiopia; Berthe [33], Senegal; Beer [39], Zanzibar; Banek [28], Liberia)
More compatible with sleeping arrangements and house style (Birhanu [32], Ethiopia)
White Looks clean (MacCormack [16], Gambia)
Green/blue Dark colour masks dirt and smoke (Tami [20], Tanzania; Ng’ang’a [27], Kenya; Atkinson [24], Solomon Islands; Banek [28], Liberia; Gore-Langton [35], Kenya; Harvey [30], Peruvian Amazon; Gobena [41], Ethiopia; Gyapong [19], Ghana)
Larger size Fits more sleepers (Gyapong [19], Ghana Binka [18], Ghana; Atkinson [25], Vanuatu; Shirayama [37], Laos)
Less movement restriction (Atkinson [25], Vanuatu)
Better ventilation (Atkinson [25], Vanuatu)
Polyethylene/larger mesh size Good ventilation (Tami [20], Tanzania; Beer [39], Zanzibar)
Stronger (Lover [26], Timor-Leste; Beer [39], Zanzibar)
Polyester/smaller mesh size Softer (Tami [20], Tanzania; Mattern [38], Madagascar; Das [21], India)
Warmer (Mattern [38], Madagascar)
Keeps insects out better (Gryseels [36], Cambodia; Beer [39], Zanzibar; Atkinson [23], Solomon Islands; Das [21], India)
Opaque fabric Provides privacy (MacCormack [14], Gambia; Peeters Grietens [8], Peruvian Amazon; Harvey [30], Peruvian Amazon; Bean [34], S Sudan)
Keeps dust/debris/insects/spiritual forces out (MacCormack [14], Gambia; Peeters Grietens [8], Peruvian Amazon; Harvey [30], Peruvian Amazon)
Attractive (MacCormack [14], Gambia)
Warmer in cool weather (MacCormack [14], Gambia; Peeters Grietens [8], Peruvian Amazon; Harvey [30], Peruvian Amazon)
Better at concealment from animals (Peeters Grietens [8], Peruvian Amazon; Bean [34], S Sudan)
Open netting fabric Attractive (MacCormack [14], Gambia)
Lighter weight and easier to wash (MacCormack [15], Gambia; Harvey [30], Peruvian Amazon)
Cooler in hot weather (MacCormack [14], Gambia)