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Fig. 2

From: Fast and robust single PCR for Plasmodium sporozoite detection in mosquitoes using the cytochrome oxidase I gene

Fig. 2

Electrophoresis gels of PCR products obtained from the 18s-rRNA nested-PCR and COX-I PCRs using serial dilutions of parasite DNAs. a PCR products (235 bp) from nest 2 PCR using the 18s-rRNA nested PCR. Dilution 3 for P. vivax did not amplified; PCR products for dilutions 5–8 for P. knowlesi were negatives and not included in this figure. b PCR products (540 bp) from the fast COX-I PCR. The PCR product bands have consistent size and intensity through all the positive dilutions. c PCR products (540 bp) from the conventional COX-I PCR. This PCR was not tested in P. knowlesi. Bands for P. falciparum did not amplify consistently

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