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Table 1 Key informant questions

From: Engaging the private sector in malaria surveillance: a review of strategies and recommendations for elimination settings

Theme Question
Definition and composition of private sector in the context of malaria surveillance What exactly does “private sector” mean when talking about malaria surveillance? What types of private sector entities have been involved or should be involved in malaria surveillance?
Ideal versus current private sector involvement in malaria surveillance Thinking about the private sector entities you just mentioned, ideally, how do you think they should be involved in malaria surveillance? How does this “ideal involvement” compare to how things currently function?
Challenges or issues with private sector engagement What are some of the key challenges for malaria programmes when engaging the private sector for malaria surveillance? Where possible, please comment on specific countries that have attempted to engage the private sector. What are some of the key challenges they have experienced? How were these addressed?
Models or examples of private sector engagement What countries or surveillance systems have successfully engaged the private sector? Can you tell us about the ones that have been most successful?
Incentives and regulations for the private sector What do you think are the key steps to improving involvement of the private sector in malaria surveillance?
Promising approaches in private sector engagement What ongoing research, programmes, or initiatives exist to engage the private sector in malaria surveillance that you think is particularly promising?
Gaps in private sector research If you had the opportunity to design either research or a pilot project to investigate a private sector engagement strategy for malaria elimination, what would you do?
Examples from other diseases or health programmes Thinking about diseases outside of malaria, are there any examples of how the private sector has been successfully engaged that could be transferred to the malaria sphere?