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Table 2 Duration of Anopheles arabiensis physical contact with a bed net, during a 60-min test

From: Host-seeking activity of a Tanzanian population of Anopheles arabiensis at an insecticide treated bed net

Duration of physical contact with the bed net surface (60 min test)
  Mean total time (all contacts)a (min) Mean time/mosquito (10 mosquitoes)b (s) Mean time/mosquito (observed max number)c (s)
Untreated net 33.9 (15.78–52.1) 204 290
LLIN 7.75 (4.43–11.05) 46 82
  1. Table shows net contact duration as calculated for a the mean total time of all contacts observed (all mosquitoes); b the minimum mean contact time per mosquito, assuming all 10 mosquitoes responded, and c the calculated maximum mean contact time per mosquito, based on the maximum number of individual mosquitoes observed simultaneously at any time in each test. Values shown are means with 95% CI
  2. Mean total contact time was significantly higher at untreated nets than at LLINs (p = 0.010)