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Fig. 2

From: Efficacy and safety evaluation of a novel trioxaquine in the management of cerebral malaria in a mouse model

Fig. 2

Evaluation of blood–brain barrier integrity with Evans Blue dye. The susceptible mice were first infected with P. berghei ANKA and the dye administered iv on day 8 pi after the infected mice had exhibited clear signs of ECM. The mice were euthanized 1 h later and the brain images documented. The same protocol was repeated on mice that were treated with trioxaquine at 60 days post-treatment. a Non-stained, P. berghei ANKA-infected C57BL/6 mouse brain on day 8 pi depicting hypoxia; b non-infected C57BL/6 mouse brain depicting normal blood supply; c brain staining for C57BL/6 mouse on day 8 pi; d depicts brain from the same animal model on day 60 post-treatment exhibiting recovery from experimental cerebral malaria, and lack of staining with Evans Blue dye

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