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Table 7 Variables used to estimate bed net demand, Eq. (1)

From: Demand and willingness-to-pay for bed nets in Tanzania: results from a choice experiment

Variable Description
Buy Dependent binary variable = 1 if the individual acted on this choice or = 0 if they did nothing for the specific choice
ASC Binary variable = 1 denoting either net A or net B, otherwise = 0 for neither net A nor net B
Treatment Binary variable = 1 if net is brand Olyset (i.e., a treated net)
Rectangular Binary variable = 1 if net is rectangular shape
Large Binary variable = 1 if net is large (6 × 6) size
Price Price of 2000; 4000; 6000; or 8000 TSH
LessPoor Binary variable = 1 if participant’s household belongs in the upper three socioeconomic quintiles.