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Fig. 3

From: Dynamics of Plasmodium vivax sporogony in wild Anopheles stephensi in a malaria-endemic region of Western India

Fig. 3

Oocyst and sporozoite infection in wild An. stephensi. Range of oocysts seen in a single feeding experiment (>200 oocysts: a; 0–10 oocysts: b). The midgut and gland indices of mosquitoes dissected on day 12/13 (c 4+, e 3+, g 2+, i 1+). The corresponding midguts of 4+, 3+, 2+, and 1+ mosquitoes are shown in d, f, h, and j. Midgut with heavily melanized and unhealthy oocysts, and corresponding gland with 3+ sporozoite load are shown in l and k, respectively. Melanized oocysts appear deformed, and contain dark pigments

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