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Table 3 Details on 46 FDA-approved drugs that are likely to be active against Plasmodium falciparum during the course of infection

From: Exploring anti-malarial potential of FDA approved drugs: an in silico approach

Drug name DrugBank ID Category Drug class LogP
DB00199 Erythromycin [48] Antibacterial Macrolides and analogues 3.06
DB00218 Moxifloxacin Antibacterial Quinolines 2.9
DB00250 Dapsone [49]a Antibacterial Benzene derivatives 0.97
DB00256 Lymecycline Antibacterial Tetracyclines 0.3
DB00263 Sulfisoxazole [50] Antibacterial Benzene derivatives 1.01
DB00336 Nitrofural Antibacterial Furans 0.23
DB00400 Griseofulvin Antifungal Benzofurans 2.18
DB00410 Mupirocin [27] Antibacterial Fatty acyls 2.45
DB00426 Famciclovir Antiviral Imidazopyrimidines 0.6
DB00446 Chloramphenicol [51]b Antibacterial Carboxylic acids 1.14
DB00453 Clomocycline Antibacterial Tetracyclines 0.2
DB00487 Pefloxacin [52] Antibacterial Quinolines 0.27
DB00518 Albendazole [53] Anthelmintic Benzimidazoles 2.7
DB00537 Ciprofloxacin [52] Antibacterial Quinolines 0.28
DB00548 Azelaic acid Antibacterial Fatty acyls 1.57
DB00560 Tigecycline [54] Antibacterial Tetracyclines 0.8
DB00567 Cephalexin [55] Antibacterial Carboxylic acids 0.65
DB00576 Sulfamethizole Antibacterial Benzene derivatives 0.54
DB00609 Ethionamide Antitubercular Pyridines 0.5
DB00615 Rifabutin [56] Antitubercular Macrolactams 4.1
DB00618 Demeclocycline Antibacterial Tetracyclines 0.2
DB00730 Thiabendazole [53] Anthelmintic Benzimidazoles 2.47
DB00817 Rosoxacin Antibacterial Quinolines 3.0
DB01015 Sulfamethoxazole [57] Antibacterial Benzene derivatives 0.89
DB01017 Minocycline [55] Antibacterial Tetracyclines 0.05
DB01044 Gatifloxacin [58] Antibacterial Quinolines 2.6
DB01045 Rifampicin [56] Antitubercular 2.7
DB01051 Novobiocin [52] Antibacterial Coumarins 4.1
DB01137 Levofloxacin [58] Antibacterial Quinolines 2.1
DB01155 Gemifloxacin Antibacterial Naphthyridines 2.3
DB01165 Ofloxacin [52] Antibacterial Quinolines 0.65
DB01208 Sparfloxacin [58] Antibacterial Quinolines 2.5
DB01220 Rifaximin Antibacterial Macrolactams 2.6
DB01256 Retapamulin Antibacterial Prenol lipids 4.37
DB01298 Sulfacytine Antibacterial Benzene derivatives 0.055
DB01321 Josamycin Antibacterial Macrolides and analogues 3.22
DB01361 Troleandomycin Antibacterial Macrolides and analogues 4.3
DB01581 Sulfamerazine Antibacterial Benzene and derivatives 0.14
DB01582 Sulfamethazine Antibacterial Benzene and derivatives 0.89
DB01603 Meticillin Antibacterial Lactams 1.22
DB01764 Dalfopristin [59] Antibacterial Macrolide lactams 1.58
DB02703 Fusidic acid [60] Antibacterial Steroid derivatives 4.42
DB04576 Fleroxacin Antibacterial 0.24
DB06729 Sulfaphenazole Antibacterial Azoles 1.52
DB06771 Besifloxacin Antibacterial Quinolines 0.54
DB08604 Triclosan [61] Antibacterial Quinolines 4.98
  1. The references included in 23 entries are with respect to the reports on experimental evidence of anti-malarial activity of the drugs
  2. aChloroproguanil–dapsone combination drug Lapdap has been withdrawn from the market after the observation on significant reductions in haemoglobin levels of patients with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency [62]
  3. bChloramphenicol is known to be associated with adverse haematological side-effects [63]