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Fig. 3

From: Malaria epidemiology in low-endemicity areas of the northern coast of Ecuador: high prevalence of asymptomatic infections

Fig. 3

Plasmodium prevalence in the study area by qPCR. a Distribution of malaria infections in the study area. The size of the circles represents malaria prevalence, with P. vivax in blue and P. falciparum in red. b Percentage of Plasmodium cases by qPCR in the four study communities. El Pedregal had the highest prevalence while Ricaurte had the lowest. c P. vivax and P. falciparum prevalence. P. vivax was the most prevalent parasite in the study area. El Guadual had the highest amount of P. falciparum infections. d Parasitaemia distribution in the four study communities. Parasitaemia varied between 1 and 800 parasites/µl

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