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Table 4 Sporozoite positive mosquitoes

From: Host attraction and biting behaviour of Anopheles mosquitoes in South Halmahera, Indonesia

Molecular species ID Host-baited tent Blood meal ID Positive/total Sporozoite rate (%)
An. indefinitus Goat Goat 1/28 3.57
An. kochi Goat Unfed 6/67 8.95
Cow Cow
Cow Cow
Cow Cow
Cow Cow
Goat Unfed
An. vagus Goat Cow + goat 1/206 0.49
An. vanus Human Unfed 1/10 10.0
  1. Nine mosquito specimens of 336 analysed by CS ELISA and PCR for sporozoite antigens were found positive for Plasmodium vivax. None of the nine positive specimens were discordant between morphological and molecular identification