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Fig. 2

From: Hydrophilic-treated plastic plates for wide-range analysis of Giemsa-stained red blood cells and automated Plasmodium infection rate counting

Fig. 2

Representative images of Giemsa-stained hydrophilic-treated COC plates. AC Representative microscopic images of Giemsa-stained parasite-infected RBCs on a hydrophilic-treated COC plate. Magnification A ×50, B ×200, C ×1000, oil immersion. Arrows indicate Plasmodium-infected cells. DF Representative microscopic images of Giemsa-stained RBCs on hydrophilic-treated plates with water contact angles of D 38.6°, E 31.0°, and F 18.2°. G Representative microscopic image of Giemsa-stained RBCs on a glass slide. The sample was prepared using the protocol described in the legend to Fig. 5. The water contact angle of the glass slide was 7.8°

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