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Table 2 Sample codes and population sizes of An. coluzzii, An. gambiae and An. arabiensis samples analysed using microsatellites markers

From: The implementation of long-lasting insecticidal bed nets has differential effects on the genetic structure of the African malaria vectors in the Anopheles gambiae complex in Dielmo, Senegal

Sample species Months/year Location of capture Sample codes Sample sizes
An. coluzzii 2006 Indoor ACIND06 22
Outdoor ACOUT06 57
2008 Indoor and outdoor AC08 25
2010 Indoor and outdoor AC10 15
An. gambiae 2006 Indoor and outdoor AG06 23
2010 Indoor AGIND10 32
Outdoor AGOUT10 27
An. arabiensis Sept 2006 Outdoor AROUTSEP06 15
 July Indoor ARINDJUL08 44
Outdoor AROUTJUL08 72
 Sept Indoor ARINDSEP08 33
Outdoor AROUTSEP08 22
 Sept Indoor ARINDSEP10 38
Outdoor AROUTSEP10 27
 Oct Indoor ARINDOCT10 19
Outdoor AROUTOCT10 39
  1. In the sample codes the two first letters refer to the species name (AC: An. coluzzii; AG: An. gambiae; AR: An. arabiensis), the following three letters to the location of capture (IND: indoor; OUT: outdoor); and the number to the year of sampling (06: 2006; 08: 2008; 10: 2010). If applicable, the following three letters after the species name refer to the location of capture (IND: indoor; OUT: outdoor) and the sampling month (JUL: July; SEP: September; OCT: October) is indicated before the year