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Table 2 Analysis of endocannabinoids

From: The oxylipin and endocannabidome responses in acute phase Plasmodium falciparum malaria in children

Compound Abbreviation Fatty acid precursor OPLS-DA uncomplicated versus controls p value uncomplicated versus controls OPLS-DA severe versus controls p value severe versus controls
2-Arachidonoyl glycerol 2-AG AA 0.70 0.0048 0.70 0.0019
Arachidonoyl ethanolamide AEA AA 0.20 NS 0.43 NS
Oleoyl ethanolamide OEA OA 0.88 <0.0001 0.97 <0.0001
Palmitoyl ethanolamide PEA PA 0.80 0.0018 0.86 0.0001
Docosatetraenoyl ethanolamide DEA DTA 0.82 0.0009 0.83 0.0002
Arachidonoyl glycine NAGLy AA −0.52 NS −0.40 NS
Eicosapentaenoyl ethanolamide EPEA EPA 0.57 0.0017(*) 0.56 0.0006
Docosahexaenoyl ethanolamide DHEA DHA 0.56 0.0046 0.69 0.0025
Palmitoleoyl ethanolamide POEA PO 0.57 0.0145 0.52 0.0224
Linolenoyl ethanolamide LEA LA 0.36 NS 0.26 NS
Prostaglandin F2α ethanolamide PGF2α EA AA −0.28 NS 0.02 NS
Prostaglandin E2 ethanolamide PGE2 EA AA 0.03 NS 0.15 NS
  1. p(corr) values from the OPLS-DA models between the studied groups of samples (the changes are presented in relation to infected individuals, with minus sign showing lower and plus sign higher levels in infected individuals) and summary from the univariate t test analysis with Welch’s correction with p values provided for the compounds that showed significantly different levels (p < 0.05) between the studied groups of samples; in italics are marked values significant according to the OPLS-DA models and according to t test with Bonferroni correction (jack-knifing confidence intervals) for p = 0.05 (0.0042)
  2. AA arachidonic acid, DHA docosahexaenoic acid, DTA docosatetraenoic acid, EPA eicosapentaenoic acid, LA linoleic acid, OA oleic acid, PA palmitic acid, PO palmitoleic acid
  3. * Non-parametric Mann–Whitney test