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Table 1 Clinician details

From: Principles, practices and knowledge of clinicians when assessing febrile children: a qualitative study in Kenya

  Clinician total Clinicians per site Male Title Arbovirus project Specific training
Malaria Paediatrics
 West 10 Mbaka Oromo: 3 7 7 CO 2 9 5
Chulaimbo: 2 2 RN    
Obama: 5 1 MD    
 Coast 10 Msambweni: 6 3 8 CO 4 8 5
Ukunda: 4 2 MD    
  1. Total number of clinicians per site, number of male clinicians, title (level of training), number of participants per site involved in the arbovirus project, and number who had additional specific training in either malaria or paediatrics
  2. CO clinical officer, RN registered nurse, MD physician