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Fig. 1

From: IgG antibodies to synthetic GPI are biomarkers of immune-status to both Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax malaria in young children

Fig. 1

IgG to PfGPI and clinical symptoms in Papua New Guinean children. a Scatterplot of total IgG levels (optical density at 450 nm) versus haemoglobin levels (g/dL) (n = 223) with a Lowess smoothed fitted curve. P values and rho are from Spearman’s rank correlation. Box plots show median IgG levels (black bar), minimum and maximum (whiskers) and outliers (open circles) by b presence of enlarged spleen (n = 59); c current clinical episode of any density by P. falciparum (n = 65) or P. vivax (n = 70); d Gerbich blood type 1 = wild-type (n = 83), 2 = heterozygote (n = 111), 3 = homozygote (n = 29). P values are from ANOVA or 2 sample t tests

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