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Table 3 Number of Plasmodium spp. infections detected by deep sequencing

From: Species and genotype diversity of Plasmodium in malaria patients from Gabon analysed by next generation sequencing

Species Infection type Patients (n)
Pfal Mono infection 24
Pmal Mono infection 1
Pow Mono infection 1
Pfal, Pmal Double infection 10
Pfal, Poc Double infection 3
Pfal, Pow Double infection 2
Pfal, Pmal, Pow Triple infection 1
Pfal, Poc, Pow Triple infection 1
Pfal, Pmal, Poc, Pow Quadruple infection 3
  1. Pfal, P. falciparum; Pmal, P. malariae; Poc, P. ovale curtisi; Pow, P. ovale wallikeri