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Table 3 Travellers’ reasons for intending to take or not take RDTs for a future similar trip (open question analysed and categorized)

From: Self-diagnosis of malaria by travellers: a cohort study on the use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests provided by a Swiss travel clinic

Reasons for taking RDT again (multiple entries possible)
Total N = 488
Reasons for NOT taking RDT again (multiple entries possible)
Total N = 55
220 “Reassuring” 9 “Good health infrastructures on-site”a
53 “To avoid unnecessary treatment” 7 “I am not at risk”, “I avoid risk areas”
28 “Especially useful when travelling with children” 5 “Prophylaxis will be enough”
11 “Convenient, practical” 5 “Useless”
8 “Help to react more quickly, autonomy” 4 “Protection against mosquito bites is enough”
1 “I will take prophylaxis and RDT, even in a low-risk area, because I already experienced malaria” 1 “Thought of being able to distinguish malaria symptoms from other origin”
167 No reason mentioned 24 No reason mentioned
  1. aBut one would still take RDT if travelling with children