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Table 1 Outlet descriptions

From: The malaria testing and treatment landscape in Kenya: results from a nationally representative survey among the public and private sector in 2016

Public health facilities Tertiary referral hospital, secondary referral hospitals, primary referral hospitals, health centers and dispensaries. There are over 3000 Ministry of Health public health facilities in Kenya
Community health worker Community-based health workers, including community health volunteers
Private for-profit health facilities Private hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, and diagnostic laboratories. There are over 3100 registered private for-profit health facilities in Kenya
Registered pharmacies/chemists Pharmacies are licensed and regulated by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board and include Pharmacist Premises. By 2014, there were over 3900 registered Pharmacies in Kenya
Unregistered pharmacies/chemists Small businesses that are not registered with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board, but sell various classes of prescription and over-the-counter medicine at commercial prices
General retailers Supermarkets, duka, kiosks, market stalls, and petrol stations