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Table 3 Key data of 3 study participants infected on enrolment and 2 participants who acquired Plasmodium infections during the study period

From: The prevalence, incidence and prevention of Plasmodium falciparum infections in forest rangers in Bu Gia Map National Park, Binh Phuoc province, Vietnam: a pilot study

Participant #107 #124 #006
 Date 1 21/7/16 24/8/16 20/5/16
  Species Pf Pv Not infected
  K13 C580Y Not tested
  ExoE415G E415G
  P14 CNV Single copy
  Pfmdr1 CNV Single copy  
  Parasites/ml 22,225 1505
  Treatment 1 ACT + 14 days primaquine (15 mg/day)
Pre-forest entry
 Date 2 7/8/16 9/10/16 6/6/16
  Species Pf Not infected Pf
  K13 C580Y Wild type
  ExoE415G E415G Insufficient DNA sample for testing
  P14 CNV Multicopies  
  Pfmdr1 CNV Single copy Single copy
  Parasites/ml 6412 663
  Treatment 2 ACT ACT Placebo
  Forest days 10 5 20
  Camp Not known Campsitea Camp 8
Tram 7
15 days after return from forest
 Date 3 6/9/16 4/11/16 12/7/16
  Species Not infected Pf Pf
  K13 C580Y C580Y
  ExoE415G E415G E415G
  P14 CNV Multicopies Multicopies
  Pfmdr1 CNV Single copy Single copy
  Parasites/ml 5142 111,500
  1. aCamp: “campsite” refers to an overnight campsite while the rangers are moving through the forest