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Fig. 1

From: Plasmodium falciparum variant erythrocyte surface antigens: a pilot study of antibody acquisition in recurrent natural infections

Fig. 1

Kinetics of antibody acquisition to baseline and recurrent isolates. a Surface recognition of individual parasite isolates by their corresponding homologous sera. Sera taken at different time-points after uptake of the child in the study were tested for recognition of the baseline and recurrent isolates, measured as mean fluorescence intensity (MFI). The recognition of baseline isolates is depicted in blue and that of recurrences in black. Arrows point to the time when the investigated recurrent parasitaemia was detected. b Homologous recognition of all baseline isolates is summarized to better illustrate the separation of responders versus non-responders. c Heterologous recognition of the individual isolates showing that isolates are variably recognized by heterologous sera, the median is shown as a horizontal bar. Hyperimmune serum recognition of the individual isolates is also shown (red asterisk)

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