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Table 2 Number of significant SNPs and genes in each subpopulation compared to ancestral artemisinin sensitive subpopulation

From: Functional analysis of Plasmodium falciparum subpopulations associated with artemisinin resistance in Cambodia

Subpopulations Number of isolates Number of significant SNPs Number of significant genes
KH1.2 5 1361 823
KH2.1 11 1620 938
KH2.2 22 2312 1125
KH3 12 1495 859
KH4 9 1891 978
KH5 14 1612 900
KHA 49 740 493
  1. Significant SNPs were described using one tailed Fisher-exact test. For each SNP the ALT frequency in each subpopulation was compared to the ALT frequency in KH1.1 (45 isolates) to calculate the p value. SNPs with p value ≤ 0.05 were considered as significant and the genes containing these SNPs are considered as the significant genes in each subpopulation