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Table 3 Number of genes in P. falciparum gene–gene interaction network with maximum expression in different parasite blood stage forms

From: Functional analysis of Plasmodium falciparum subpopulations associated with artemisinin resistance in Cambodia

Gene classification Number of genes
 Early 702 1043
 Late 341
 Early 548 1082
 Late 534
 Early 391 868
 Late 477
Merozoite 711  
Unclassified 138  
Total 3842  
  1. This table is based on the co-expression interaction network (confidence score ≥ 0.5) recovered from STRING v10 database server. The unconnected nodes (genes) were not considered in the analysis. The maximum expression data is based on the transcriptomic study by Le Roch et al. [34] and is recovered from PlasmoDB. Data for early and late forms of the three blood stage ring, trophozoite and schizogony is available. Some of the genes are not classified in the interaction network