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Table 6 Sporozoite-positive mosquitoes by collection method

From: Comparative evaluation of anopheline sampling methods in three localities in Indonesia

  An. sundaicus An. aconitus
HLC in 16 P. v
3 P. f
HLC out 31 P. v
6 P. f
2 P. v
Large tent 3 P. v  
Small tent 3 P. v  
CDC-LT 5 P. v  
Total 62 P. v
9 P. f
2 P. v
Sporozoite rate (%) 2.6% P. v
0.4% P. f
0.7% P. v
  1. P. v denotes Plasmodium vivax positives. P. f denotes Plasmodium falciparum positives. Sporozoite rates are calculated by dividing the number of positives by the total tested
  2. An. sundaicus were collected in Canti, Lampung, An. aconitus were collected in Kaliharjo, Purworejo