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Fig. 1

From: Identification and characterization of areas of high and low risk for asymptomatic malaria infections at sub-village level in Ratanakiri, Cambodia

Fig. 1

(Map data: Google, Google Earth Pro)

Spatial high (red lines) and low (blue lines) risk clusters for malaria infections in Chamkar Sann (2016). The amount of Plasmodium infections within each household is displayed by a size and colour gradient, with circles indicating field houses and triangles indicating village houses. The large and small solid red lines border two Plasmodium hotspots in the field, which are equivalent to the P. vivax high risk clusters (respectively clusters 1 and 3 in Table 2). The small solid blue line indicates a coldspot in the village centre for Plasmodium in general and for P. vivax and P. falciparum (Cluster 2 in Table 3), whereas the large solid blue line borders a coldspot based on the field data found for Plasmodium in general as well as for P. vivax (Cluster 4 in Table 2)

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