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Table 1 Anopheline species collected from five African countries on which different species-diagnostic PCR analyses were conducted

From: The importance of morphological identification of African anopheline mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) for malaria control programmes

Country Province/site GPS coordinates Morphological ID Molecular ID using An. gambiae complex PCR Molecular ID using An. funestus group PCR Molecular ID using An. funestus-like PCR Molecular ID using An. rivulorum-like PCR
Botswana Xakanaka 19°25′32.0″S
An. wellcomei group (n = 1)
Guinea Conakry Siguiri 11°33′58.1″N
An. rufipes (n = 8) An. leesoni (5)
Mali Yanfolila 11°10′40.8″N
An. rufipes (n = 10) An. rivulorum (1)
An. leesoni (1)
Namibia Katima Mulilo 17°29′48.1″S
An. squamosus (n = 2) An. gambiae (2)
South Africa Kwazulu-Natal 27°26′3.59S
An. rufipes (n = 19)
  Gauteng 25°59′23.8″S
An. crypticus (n = 17)
  An. marshallii
(n = 1)
  Mpumalanga 25°38′15.4″S
An. coustani (n = 6)
  An. tenebrosus (n = 1)
  An. pretoriensis (n = 20)
  An. rufipes (n = 9) An. gambiae/An. merus (1)
  An. maculipalpis (n = 10)
  Limpopo 23°55′ 12.00″S
31°15′ 36.00″E
An. maculipalpis (n = 1)
  An. rhodesiensis (n = 1) An. leesoni (1)
  An. listeri (n = 12) An. gambiae (3)
An. merus (2)
  Kruger National Park 23°59′18.2″S
An. pretoriensis (n = 26) An. arabiensis (1)
An. gambiae (3)
An. funestus (3)
An. vaneedeni (1)
  An. rufipes (n = 6) An. arabiensis (3)
An. gambiae (2)
  1. The total sample size (n) is indicated per morphological species according to each location and the number of specimens that amplified during the PCR analyses is shown for each assay