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Table 2 Morphological species that amplified to approximate base pair (bp) sizes of species within the An. gambiae complex and An. funestus group

From: The importance of morphological identification of African anopheline mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) for malaria control programmes

Species complex Expected band size (bp) Morphological species that showed approximate amplification
An. gambiae complex
 An. merus 464 An. rufipes; An. listeri
 An. gambiae 390 An. squamosus; An. rufipes; An. listeri; An. pretoriensis
 An. arabiensis 315 An. pretoriensis; An. rufipes
 An. quadriannulatus 153  
An. funestus group
 An. vaneedeni 587 An. pretoriensis
 An. funestus 505 An. pretoriensis
 An. rivulorum 411 An. rufipes
 An. parensis 256  
 An. leesoni 146 An. rufipes; An. rhodesiensis