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Fig. 3

From: Decreasing proportion of Anopheles darlingi biting outdoors between long-lasting insecticidal net distributions in peri-Iquitos, Amazonian Peru

Fig. 3

Average proportion of Anopheles darlingi collected per hour, biting outside (exophagic) and inside (endophagic), in Lupuna (LUP) and Cahuide (CAH) in 2013–2015 and Santa Emilia (SEM) in 2015. Confidence intervals not shown (for clarity). The hour of collection of each Plasmodium-infected An. darlingi is represented by an arrow, with the colour of the arrow indicating whether the mosquito was exophagic or endophagic and the texture indicating the species of Plasmodium. Specimens were not tested for Plasmodium in 2013

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