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Table 3 Respondent care-seeking behaviors for febrile children whose caregivers sought treatment or advice for them

From: Correlates of social behavior change communication on care-seeking behaviors for children with fever: an analysis of malaria household survey data from Liberia

Proportion of children that… % (n)a
Went to a health facility 80.6 (482)
Had a heel or finger blood sick 72.6 (434)
Test indicated malaria 60.4 (361)
Took medication for their fever 95.8 (573)
Took an ACT 66.7 (399)
Took an ACT the same or next day as fever onset 38.0 (227)
  1. Although taking medication is listed below malaria diagnosis and health facility consultation, children may have received medication before arriving at a health facility or receiving diagnosis
  2. aN = 598